Hi Friends,

Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Friday, 30 August 2013

My song - eternal

From over the blue horizon 
comes the call
of my beautiful maid  ;

O , Fair One ,

Your voice has pierced
my heart 
and the pain
is unbearable  !

My Love !

My heart is aflame 
with your memories
my soul alust ;

You are my song - eternal ,
you come of my life  !


29  Jan  1952

Song eternal

There ,

Over the distant horizon 
the sun is setting
in majestic solemnity ;

Over the clouds ablaze ,
hovers the veil of
placid , azure sky  ;

And behold  !

Across the stretching plains ,
in fields green ,
a new life springs
from the bosom of Mother Earth ,

-- that song eternal


31 Aug 1953

Your memory

My Love ,

To my soul 
have I pledged ,
thy burning flare of love
to keep alive  ;

And dwell 
happily ,
and roam 
in the realms 
of your memory 


29 Aug 1953

Song of life

Over thy breast ,
in rhythm of stormy crest ,

Amazon ,

I will sing,
a song of life


05 Sept 1953

coral isles

Yonder there ,

In the blues of pacific ,
on coral isles ,
where gulls scream by the day 
and rest by night ,

is the abode of my dreams 


31 Aug 1953

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

K - 2

Thou standed high
like Hercules of old,
resting the fathomless depths
of azure sky,
on thy mighty sinews  ;

Man ever strived,
to kiss
the hovering veil of mist ,
concealing a vision , all divine  ;

Centuries rolled on ,
with each of them ,
thy towering heights
lured the man from distant lands,
who whispered ,

     " Excelsior  ! "

Year after year ,
the little dwarf
crossed glaciers
scaled precipices steep ,
defying the raging blizzard ,
only to have a faint glimpse
of your victorious smile !



04 Aug  1954

This Western Wind

Beloved One ,

This western wind
brings to me,
thy call irresistible,
from over the distant horizon ;

As you revealed yourself today ,
disclose everyday 


23 March 1954

Song of Love

Oh, You !
Who is sweeter than life ;

with my forehead rested on thy breast ,
glad shall I be,
to depart this ugly world ,
and hear you sing a song of eternal love ,


12 March 1954


Thou hast filled
    The blue above
and the dust below
    With thy beauty divine


18 March 1954

Who Knows ?

Is this my mind  ?

Or , is it another galaxy ?

Who knows,
who cares ,
when life is so short
why waste time
on such stupid questions ?

Why not just be happy,
stupid , ignorant happy ,
and stop tearing soul apart,
stop dying
daily ;

This ignomious thousand deaths,
this immolation
of the self ,
to rise again and again from ashes
to die 


22 Mar 1964

What shall I sing ?

How can I sing
without betraying myself  ?

And what shall I sing ,
of spring ,
in far away wilderness,
that I cannot feel ?


25 Apr 1962


when I am dead
you will cry ;

But life ought to be beautiful
bring you such happiness

that I should be soon
as also the sorrow,

except when you bring
lilacs to my grave


26 Mar 1964

Monday, 19 August 2013

Cloudless Sky

Away ,
some thousand thousand fathoms ,
from a lonely stone ,
under the shade of
a still more lonely banyan tree  ;

The land strewn far
under a blazing sun,
parched and dark ,

and rose to a hillock,
where the earth
the thirsty earth,
kissed the cloudless sky


17 Oct 1955

Who am I ?

Many worlds  ;

My many worlds are all
suddenly upon me ;

The world within me
and the world without,
the world beyond
the world to which I am bound  ;

There is an utter chaos
of fleeting thoughts,
of meaningless moods ;

These eternally changing
on mind's canvass ;

Am I forever lost in this
wilderness of Worlds  ?

These seemingly endless
worlds of words ,
of thesis and anti-thesis ,
for and against,
the Man
and his credo ;

Of love and hate,
truth and untruth,
the myriad isms,
the Man torn twice
by the self-negating gods
the self-exhaulting godesses ;

Vaccilating between
the shape and the shapeless ,
the real and the ethereal  ;

Who am I  ?

or what ,
the formula ?
the bio-chemical chromosome  ?
the all pervading DNA  ?

Am I
the transcendental know
the perfect anti-matter ?

The one and only
illusion ,
the Unknow  !


11 May 1969

Roll Again , Wagon

Now roll again
the wagon ,
along uncharted course ;

This sweet repose
beneath the starry sky ,
knowing not
your destination ,
unknown ;

Roll again
O Wagon ,
to blaze a trail,
your own
beneath the sun


Shivaji Park
Nov-Dec 1959

O , My Cleo !

I am happy to have
known you ,
and borne you
so constant ,
in the anguish of my heart ;

Oh , happy , happy , happy  !

To you this I owe
and if I could ever say,
it has always been
You ,
O , my Cleo !


13 Mar 1964


Isn't it best to forget
than forever to remember,
the memories
of the yester-years
that bring
more pain than pleasure ?


09 Dec 1957


Many a cruel blow
the fate has dealt ,
only to dissipate
in time ,
like ripples
of disturbed waters ; 

all but one,
a torture
the torment of a lonely heart ;

Unyielding foe
from within ;

That fades away in daylight ,
overpowering in the night


18 Dec 1957

The Dawn

And lo !

True love has dawned ,
like sun upon a ravaged earth ,
in the morning silence
the fury of ,
the dark and stormy night 


12 May 1959

I am here

You were long to come,
but you have come ;

I had expected you to come
in the early morning ,
so I woke up
with the birds ,
and brought some flowers
from the garden  ;

I sat there at the door,
looking down the narrow path
where it turns at the edge of the forest  ;

I wondered
if you would come singing
the song of young spring ;

And look lovelier
than the morning dew on rose petals  ;

But I could here nothing except
the echoes of my thoughts
in my empty heart  ;

And it was almost noon
when you came !

On my closed eyes
you touched your lips ;

I thought I was dreaming,
but then you whispered in my ears ,

      " I am here "

You were long to come,
but I know,
now you are here 


18 May 1959

Enslaving Master

My heart is weary ;

A heart that knows one Master
who delivers from bondage ;

But perforce
obeys ,
enslaving another ,
whose chains
forever cut deeper
and whose lashes
lay bare
such wounds,
I wonder
if time would ever heal 


25 May 1959

Azure Sky

The sun is shining mild ,
the wind is blowing wild ;

In the frame
of the azure sky ,
the autumn leaves
have set aflame the trees
with a fiery red

Late at Night

Late at night
it rained ;

to relieve
the grief-laden heart
of its own  ;

to drown the lover's 


09 Apr 1964

Point of No Return ?

In the bottomless
depths of despair ,
how far can you sink
before you know ,
you have passed
the point of no return  ?

But , isn't it best ,
not to know  ?

That can't hurt you
anymore if you don't 
than when you did  !

If this be true,
I am glad I know not ,
I so much want not -


21 Nov 1957

Autumn Leaves

At last ,
the long summer is leaving ,
it's pain revealing
in blazing autumn ,
a glow 
of red and yellow ;

A breeze descends
from a blue sky ,
cool and crisp ,
and grips
the young heart
with a tender fever ;

Ah , this sweet thing ,
this desire 
to hold her
close to my heart
in a gentle caress ,
comes to life
with a quiver ;

And a tide
of elemental force 
my craving soul  


18 Sept 1957

My Melancholy Friend

He sits there
in a chair ,
and broods
about the past :

The glorious , happy 
carefree days ,

But his young memories
soon exhaust ;

And the endless time,
reluctant to move
bores him :

The overpowering loneliness
of the present
and makes him run
to the crowd ,
where in vain ,
he seeks 
to drown himself
in the commotion
and small talk,
over endless cups 
of iced tea 


15 Aug 1957

Wisdom of the Sphinx

Under the canopy
of the eternal sky,
I look
at the yonder Sphinx
not immortal ,
yes , aging ;

For stones shall crumble
into tiny sands,
for immortal 
truly are
the shifting seas
of sands  ;

And they will tell
the posterity ,
how greatness succumbs
and the Man persists  ;

The wisdom of
the silent Sphinx


06 Aug 1957

Sunday, 18 August 2013

A certain Joy

These days will pass,
these nights
will no more be,
of staring alone at a starry sky  ;

This crushing burden
of loneliness,
will no more ,
my soul anchor
to the earth  ;

A certain joy 
will replace
this agony
of an aching heart  ;

And these lost looks
on my face ,
will someday fade ,
into a meaningful smile ;

Till then
Oh , come all woes,
I welcome you


31 July 1957

On a Moving Train

On a summer afternoon,
I look out of the window
of a moving train
and watch the white clouds
float in a deep blue sky -
without a purpose , I presume .

And then rest my eyes
on green fields
studded with tractors
and combines ;

Even an airplane
and numerous windmills,
tanning in the summer sun,
when the wind is vacationing .

As we ride fast,
swifter fly my thoughts,
for soon I am weary
of playing a fascinated child ;

So with half closed eyes,
I send the thoughts
probing the distant past ;

when one darts,
like a misguided missile,
manouvered by wishful thinking ,
into the future,
to return to the present,
without a broken barrier,
( but all its ribs ! ),
when the train comes to a jolty stop .


23 July 1957

Saturday, 17 August 2013

At the helm

To some,
this life is a mere dream,
whose sequence planned
by a force unseen ;

To me
it's more
than a mere
desire to live  ;

A voyage
it is for me ,
may be
not carefully planned ;

though , the ship
may wreck and sink ,
at the helm
it shall be me 


15 June 1957

Spring is here

Ah , the spring is here,
I need not search
in the almanac,
to know
when the spring is here ;

She came one morning,
through the window,
and on my face , I felt
the fragrance of her breath ;

And in my ears,
she whispered a tune,
so sweet and full of life ;

When I opened my eyes,
against a light blue sky,
I found a cuckoo,
perched on a yet leafless branch ;

Now I know
the spring is here,
to gently touch
where it hurts me most 


19 April 1957

O Trimurty

What a fool am I ,
or , really am I  ?

I know not 
I am not !

For , what I feel 
many more have felt ,
since the dawn of knowledge 
to Adam and Eve ;

and this is the way
the man shall live 
from here to eternity ;

To be sure,
in that , I was fool,
to have donned this cloak
of the make-believe ways
of a superbeing ;

And small wonder
they accepted me
the way
I made me appear to be  ;

When I should have been,
but more humble,
in accepting the call
of my own nature  ;

But looking down,
with a face so serene ,
what have you to say ,

O Trimurty ?

Does the god menifest in you,
    the Creator
    the Preserver
    the Destroyer  ?

And that Man
being a part of god,
shall always act,
in these capacities ?


03 Nov 1956


From Kashmir
to Kanyakumari ,

O beloved spirit ,
on this festival of light ;

To make men
of these millions ;

And tell them
the story ,
of this
once glorious land 


Diwali / Oct 1956

The Endless Chase

Why all this unrest
and the endless chase
to know the things -
the mysterious laws of nature ,
the play of unseen atom
in this universe ;

stretching beyond mortal ken,
when man has not the knowledge
of his own true self  ?

Or , is that but another law
of this complex nature,
that man shall always labor ,
along the weary way,
to realms,
hitherto unknown ?


20 Sept 1956

Restless Sea

I want to sing
a song of my own,
on thy endless shore
Aye , restless sea  !

I have launched my boat
on your roaring waves
would I row,
till my breath is all gone 


15 Aug 1956

The Ways of Loving

They wake up slowly
the green leaves of grass 
in the meadows ,
the flowers
red and yellow and white  ;

At the gentle touch 
of daylight,
so would my heart
wake up,
as you would touch
my lips with thine  ;

In sweet caress,
and draw me close to your
heart ;

If morning ever comes,
it will be more colourful
than a thousand rainbows !

The ways of loving
are many,
for me 
even this one
is one too many !



A Thousand Rainbows

If morning ever comes,
it will be more colorful
than a thousand rainbows ;

They wake up slowly,
the green leaves of grass,
in the meadows
the flowers,
red and yellow and white,
at the gentle touch
of daylight ;

So would my heart,
wake up,
as you would touch
my lips with thine,
in sweet caress
and draw me
close to your heart


17  August  2013

This I Wish

Let me stare at you
all life long ,
this I wish
my bashful love !

From half open
a lovely pair of eyes,
the nectar of your sight
one after another
shaky glasses of wine,
and yet I thirst
for more
this I wish ;

O you,
with eyes that resemble
glimmering fish of deep sea ;

on your smiling face
dances the glow
of the setting sun,
and your cheeks
blushing with red hot blood ,
this I wish ,
to be
a drop of tear 
from your eyes
and ere the end of journey
kiss you
a thousand times ;

O loveliest of all ,
when you look
into the starry sky,
the moon you see,
surrounded by dark clouds,
is nothing else
but the reflection
in the mirror of the sky -
of your angel face
covered with dark curly hair  --

And this I wish,
to pass my fingers
in the locks
of your silken hair
and just once
on your trembling lips
steal a passionate kiss ;

My love,
when in spring
the playful wind
lifts your upper garment,
my eyes rest, 
lo ! 
lovely breasts
smooth as velvet,
like a lotus
in full bloom ,

And this I wish,
to be a necklace
of white pearls
embracing you
till eternity  



Autumn Leaves

The sun is shining mild
The wind is blowing wild ;

In the frame of the azure sky,
The autumn leaves
have set aflame
the trees
with a fiery red


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Roar Niagara

Sun is setting,
a lonely bird hurries ,

But I have no wings,

O Niagara ,

At the feet 
of your roaring torrents
is the abode of my dreams ;

Roar , Niagara , roar 
till I cannot resist your call
break free of my bondage 


23 Jan 1955

My Restless Soul

You have suffered much ,
my poor little heart !

And for nought,
have you undergone
great pains ,
amidst what pleasures  !

Oh , my miserable soul ,
how should I praise
those tears you shed ,
trickling down a smiling face  !

No one knew,
how torn were you,
tossed by the waves
of the raging blue ,

My restless Soul  !


May 1956

A Great Pretender ?

Man is a commodity
like any other ;

He satisfies the desires of others ,
by being lovable
or hateable ,
and so forth ;

And he isn't paid any price for that,
for this is a barter system ,
where other human beings
serve him to the same end  ;

He is the master of ceremony
( so he thinks ! ),

But when none look at him ,
he speaks loudly , to attract attention ,
and despaired ,
shouts and cries and curses ,
enraged like a child  ;

When exhausted,
he sinks into a slumber
of obscurity for a while ,

But awakes,
forgetful of the past ,
and starts anew
with an increased zeal,
along the road of illusion
set for the glittering mirage ;

Oh !

How great a pretender
is this man  ?


13 Apr 1956

I am waiting for you

Endless dreams,
Mere dreams :

Each followed by a fainter one !
Seems all the fairer ones are gone ;

From the mist of the mind,
looked I yonder
to behold,
sweet angels dancing ,
-- a butterfly touched my eyes ,
and whispered ,

     " Come,
       I am waiting for you ,
       - destined for you  "

A fierce sun shone
the mist was gone ,
where art thou ,
O beloved one  ?

Kaash !
I too were a dream ,
gentle dream


26 Feb 1956