Hi Friends,

Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Tuesday, 27 October 1970

In the midst of a winter

My fair lady ,
I do not know
What spell you cast on me ,
But your charms
Are still clouding my vision ;
And something is astir ,
Deep down my heart ,
But for a moment
You played ,
The eternal tune ,
On the strings
Of my emotions come to life
That were frozen dead
In the midst of a winter

That forever seemed to last .

Saturday, 17 October 1970

Banyan Tree

Some thousand , thousand fathoms
Away from a lonely stone ;
Under the shade
Of a still more lonely
Banyan tree .

The land strewn far
Under a blazing sun
Parched and dark
And rose to a hillock
Where the thirsty earth

Kissed the cloudless sky .

Friday, 9 October 1970


Standing like a guard
Deaf , but not mute
I hear you speak
From dawn to dusk,
A word of vigil
To all the youth
At thy feet ;
The makers of the future
Theirs ,
And of this ailing world –
And as I listen
You speak the story
Of all those dead
In whose memory you stand ,
I wonder
What would they have to say ,
If they knew
That this world , to day
Is farther from the end
To which they fought ,
Than on the day
They were dead ;
And that this ,
You , O Campanile ,
Standing tall at KU campus ,
Serve but as a summon ,
To the 8 o’clock class

On M , W  and  F  !

Thursday, 8 October 1970


When my thirsty eyes
Rested on thy slender silhouette
Delicately carved like crescent
In the glow
Of the sinking sun ,
I knew

I had found my oasis
In the endless
Sands of Sahara ,
That until this –
Thy vision ,

This life but used to be .


08 Oct 1956

Tuesday, 6 October 1970

Singing of Birds

Even tomorrow
There will be
This singing of the birds
At early dawn,

The sweet fragrance
Of arcadias
Will fill the air,

But tomorrow
Is not for me
Lying in the silent depths
And eyes closed forever,

I will neither smell
Nor see,
Nor bear a memory
Or be remembered,
Save perhaps
On a little signboard
Lying in the attic
Under a heap of junk,

Much the same
As I used to be



06  Oct , 1970

Saturday, 3 October 1970

Not for Ever

I cannot die,
Not for ever :
It must be
For a shorter while ,
Until I ,
With a will to live

Thursday, 1 October 1970

To Kanyakumari

From Kashmir
To Kanyakumari ,
O beloved Spirit ,
On this festival of light ;
To make men
Of these millions ;
And tell them the story
Of this

Once glorious land .