Hi Friends,

Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Monday, 30 March 1970

The Tides of Time

Incapable of being great
Incapable of being small ,
That’s what I am ,
Yet yearning to be both ;

For , in the greatness
A challenge lies ,
To conquer the lofty peaks
Of mountains unclimbed .

But when I think
How the tides of time ,
Leave no trace
Of the soaring heights ,
I wonder how long
Could my foot prints last ?

And , at times I wish
To disown my dreams
And settle with myself
For a small content ;
‘cause there is no greater bliss
Than to be in perfect peace ,
In a corner of obscurity ,
Where few would care to notice
And shed tears
When you go ;

But again I wonder
What would it be like
But for a few

With vision full of dreams ?

Sunday, 29 March 1970

Time passes

Time passes
Tick tock , tick tock ,
And sometimes even without that ,
Silently , dreadfully , overwhelmingly ,
Drowning me ,
Not the World
The cheerful , gay world –
It keeps going
Along with the eternal time –
Unlike a fluttering dream

That is me .

A Music flows

A music flows
On mountains and plains
And rivers ,
In the woods
And in the ceaseless breaking of
The waves
Along the endless shore .

It fills the earth below
And the sky above ,
In the rhythm of
The twinkling stars

The eternity .

Endless train of thoughts

I look at the yonder hills ,
To watch the setting sun
The god of fire
Sinking into the valley of
Vainly trying to light the dusk
With a glow
That lasts not long :

My hopes sink too !

I am afraid of night
Just as I dread death .
It leaves me alone
-     All alone
Into a realm unknown
Of nothingness
Where time and space
Are but one
And I have no form ,
No speech , no sight , no sense –
There is only
An endless train of thoughts ,
Mine , somebody’s , everybody’s ,
Floating around ;

Coming out of nothingness
Disappearing into nothingness ;
And my formless self
Rides one
And then another ,
But just for a moment ;

Which brings back to me,
My form and speech
And daylight –
Again everything is gone
Bur the deep darkness

And the dreadful silence .

The Last Storm ?

I don’t know you ,
But I believe in you ,
And in my love for you ;

And although
At times ,
This agony seems unbearable ,
And the flesh seems
To succumb ,
My love has always
Withered the storm ,
And hoped it to be

The last .

Wednesday, 25 March 1970

A Master Joke

Oh , what a humiliation this ,
To search for true love
Knowing true love will not be ;

Oh , what waste of time
To seek someone
Amidst a crowd of strangers
Till memory loses all identity ;

Fie upon the ways of
Wanton youth ,
Fie upon the scheme
That leads him to
The narrow lanes
Where dark abounds ,
The stink of rotten minds rise ;

The groping beasts
They find delight
In dull events ,
Like beads on a monotonous
Thread of life ,
And revel in such trivial talk ,
Oh , life to them is just

A master joke .

Sunday, 22 March 1970

To Rise from Ashes

Is this my mind ?
Or , is it another galaxy ?
Who knows ,
Who cares
When life is so short ,
Why waste time
On such stupid questions ?

Why not just be happy ,
Stupid , ignorant , happy .
And stop tearing soul apart
Stop dying daily ;
This ignominious thousand deaths
This immolation
Of the self ,
To rise again and again
From ashes

To die .

Wednesday, 18 March 1970

El Dorado

Bridge to a certain
Happiness ,
Is my fantasy
That leads to the gates
Of El Dorado ,

Where every wish is granted ,
Desire each fulfilled
And the dreams are

Unknown .

Friday, 13 March 1970

O my Cleo !

I am happy to have
Known you ,
And borne you
So constant
In the anguish
Of my heart ;

Happy , happy , happy
To you this I owe ,
And if I could ever say
It has always been you ,

O my Cleo !

Wednesday, 4 March 1970

The Longest Day

The longest day of
My life is over
And the darkness
Of an eternal night
Is upon me.

No more shall I behold
Your sweet face
My Beloved,
The fate has decreed;

Enraptured hear,
The haunting tunes
Of wordless


Ripple in the Ocean

When the sun goes down
Into the purple sea ,
I try to read my fate
On the crest of every wave ,
That seems to tell ,
“ Look
Now I am :
Soon to be
No more
Decrees my fate “ ;

And how alike are we ,
If you are a ripple

In the ocean of life !

Tuesday, 3 March 1970

So near : So far

So near and yet so far ,
That’s how you are ,
My Morning Star !

On my way to work ,
In the morning
I get your glimpse ;

And some evenings ,
In that crowded
Homebound bus ,
How happy am I ,
To find you ,
Right there , in front of me !

When I am taking my evening bath ,
You are not there ,
But your memories are ,
And what’s more
I know I will recognize you
At the next table
In the dim-lit café
Facing the sea .

On Sunday we always meet
At the afternoon show ;
Although you do not seem
To remember
Having seen me ,
At the late night show
On Saturday !

Then I light my cigarette ,
And send some smoke signals ,
But Ah !
You do not seem
To appreciate
My primitive ways ,
The way you look at me !

But I like your looks
So I go on smoking ;
And say to myself ,
“ I promise , I won’t smoke ,
If she would rather
Have me talk “ .

But how do I know ,
You seem to be so far ,

Although you are so near !

Monday, 2 March 1970

Ides of March

Did I hear
Like Caesar of old
And ignored,
To be betrayed by
Soul of my own ?

Enemy from within

In my darkest hour
In this bitter , gnawing
Winter of despair;
Ah , my shame
My grief
My agony,
Let not go
Hold on to me
Forever embrace
This carcass;

You are all I have left
To cover
This naked, treacherous soul,
Until the death

Do us part.