Hi Friends,

Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Tuesday, 20 January 1970

The Caesar

“ One more job
To be over with “ ,
The gravedigger , he thought .

And when he saw
The casket ,
With “ JFK “ on it ,
He did not stop ;
Melancholy , just said ,
“ Ah but another Caesar “ ,

And kept on digging .

Monday, 19 January 1970

Calendar Girl

Calendar Girl
I love you
Although you are dead ;
And I will be dead myself
Someday ,
But eternal is our love
For ,
There will always be ,
A Calendar Girl
And a boy

Madly in love with her .

Tuesday, 13 January 1970

Walk some more ?

Winter is here ,
But the evenings are still warm ;

How does that matter
When the season
In this heart
Is unchanging ?

I wonder
If spring is far away ;
Not too far perhaps ,
I have come
A long weary way ;
And I can walk some more ,
Only sometimes
I ask myself
If I am losing sight of

What I set for.

Everlasting Happiness

Sink further down
Cursed spirit ,
With gathering speed
Into this inferno
Of dark despair
And seemingly endless abyss
Of gloom ,
To expiate unholy deeds
Of some previous life
O my soul,
Cleansed with divine fire
You can rise
Above the hell
A purer self ,
To take your place in heaven ,
And there
To rest in eternal peace
And know

An everlasting happiness .

Saturday, 10 January 1970

No Need ?

There is no need
For me to toil ,
From morn to night ;

Without you , My Love
To greet me home
With a fond smile,
And a hope

To hold me tight .

Wednesday, 7 January 1970

My walk lies North

Strange life is this
That I live everyday
And yet is not mine .

My walk lies North
That I know –
Who makes me drift southwards ?

And isn’t it strange indeed
That my reflections float
With the stars ,
While my deeds are smeared
With dust !

The eternal happiness I seek
Is not far ,
But I run for the worldly
Pleasures –
Those like mirages glitter .

O life , thou art most strange of all .

Tuesday, 6 January 1970

The Haunt

The days bygone
I  speak of thee ,
O days that are gone .

What a life was that
Carefree , happy , glorious
Knowing not what future held ;

I roamed the realms
Of Dead ,
Real and unreal
Characters met ,
Oh, them wonderful people !

I loved thee , Helen ,
More than I did my soul ,
On that dreadful flight
From Athens .

And with dagger
Sought I reconciliation
With you ,
O fair Juliet !
When from the mist of Death
Thou called upon my love .

And you sweet Rosaline ,
And others all ,
Forget shall I not
For thou hast ,
Those moments few
In my memories left ,
With the fragrance
Of your love

Sublime .

Monday, 5 January 1970

In Wilderness

I cry in wilderness
Knowing you to be ,
The reaches of my voice ;
My tears shed ,
To moisten thirsty lips ,
Knowing you beyond

My kiss’s reach .